back to Jekyll, back to school

So that didn't take long! Yea, I never really embraced Grav. From what I saw though, it's a great system with a really pretty admin panel. Lots has happened over the past few months -- sorry I haven't been great about blogging much about it -- but the gist is that if I were really digging into learning PHP, I probably would have stayed with Grav.

Instead I find myself back into Ruby a bit more. My personal site has been on Jekyll for a while now, so I figured I'd unify a bit.

Why back to Ruby? Although I continued learning throughout the summer, it was really a big time of transition for us as a family. We moved again. Hopefully for the last time! And there was lots of travel and running. Point being, I didn't really dedicate tons of time to learning through the summer and fall. I continued to dabble and really push my javascript education further, but there were big gaps.

Now that we're finally settled in the new place (hopefully for good!), I really wanted to double down on learning to program. For almost a year now, I've been flirting with lots of different programs, but haven't really found a good fit. Honestly I've really wanted to go for it and do an intensive bootcamp, but sadly $20k and 80 hours a week just is not an option for me. So when I saw Flatiron School was launching a Community Powered Bootcamp for $150/month I jumped all over it! It's the same curriculum from their intensive bootcamp, but with the flexibility I need at a price I can afford.

Anyway, if it's not obvious at this point, their bootcamp includes quite a bit of Ruby along with JavaScript. So far, I'm really stoked. There were several lessons in the free bootcamp prep course that cleared up issues I had been struggling with for several months. Issues that had not been cleared up by several other courses.

So yea, I'm stoked on Flatiron School. New year, new school. Definitely a New Year's resolution to finish this out!

UPDATE: April 17, 2017: Yep, just moved back to Ghost! Haha, gotta laugh at myself, but Ghost just works so well.