Blauto & Fwitter - Sinatra Final Projects

I just wrapped the final projects for Flatiron School's unit on Sinatra.

Fwitter is the first one and was dictated by the curriculum. I really enjoyed putting it together and am proud to be able to build something like this. Proud enough that I took it a couple steps further -- I gave the front-end just a touch of Bootstrap love and pushed my version of it live on Heroku. There are definitely more tweaks and improvements I could make, but it's live and functioning so I'm stoked.

For my final final Sinatra project I built a car service and gas mileage tracker called Blauto. Why the name Blauto? It's kind of like a blog for your car, so I combined "blog" and "auto". And then all I could think of was this Simpsons quote -- it made me laugh so it stuck.

Functionally you can add a car to your profile and then add both services and fuel fill ups to your car. I still have an ongoing list of improvements that I'd like to implement for this one, but in the interest of continuing to move forward with my web dev education, I've decided to call it good for now and move on. That said, I am planning on forcing myself to actually use it to track services and gas mileage on our car with the hopes that that will motivate me to improve it sooner rather than later.

Again I took things a step beyond the project requirements and pushed the project live on Heroku so that people (mostly me) could actually use it. I also tried out Google's Material Design for the first time and while I'm not super stoked on the design, it could be worse.

As usual you can find my code for these projects on Github: Blauto | Fwitter.